2 – Pictures from Kunming

This is the second post of a series of pictures from a trip to China in June 2013. Read the first post here

We spent some days in Kunming, the main city in Yunnan Province. Kunming is called “city of eternal spring” and always have a decent weather.

We bought bunch of sim-cards from this girl and we had such a good conversation so that she decided to give us all free drinks. I found her gorgeous with her big curly hair and colorful style so I asked if I could take her photo. She was got so nervous by the big camera she had to cover her smile with her hand.

DSC_1766A block down from there we found a park full with old grandmas to have a chat with and this cute little girl in a traditional dress.



We climbed a mountain and entered a park full of exotic flowers and bamboo.


Everywhere in those parks there are vendors selling drinks and souvenirs. And when the parents are working in the stalls the kids are playing behind, like this little curious fellow and his friends. After taking this photo we climbed up in a traditional Chinese pagoda and took the picture you can see in the header.


One afternoon we left the modern part of the city and walked into a soon to be modern block. This is something that happens right now in every part of China: entire blocks are torn down to make room for modern houses. The families originally living there are thrown out and left with little compensation. Walking there felt sad, it was so deserted and empty.

Then we turned around a corner and suddenly we were in a garden, and after walking through the garden we found ourselves in an old town, existing inside the city but yet forgotten and hard to reach. Simple families were still living there, the immigrant workers from poor areas far away could find shelter and the kids were playing with old plastic buckets in a polluted river.

If I would come back this will be destroyed and rebuilt too, creating yet another complex of hard-to-sell apartments or another shiny shopping mall. And the people? Most likely they will have to move out and create new suburbs outside the city.


After darkness some streets suddenly gets crowded and vendors starts boiling, frying and grilling everything one can imagine. The smoke and smells of the night markets creates a dim light. In here we found a tiny restaurant which served us the most excellent chicken.DSC_2091

Kids starting early with English studies.


One of the last days we were invited to a friend’s home for potluck, music and sharing of life stories. These wonderful ladies were generous in both food and emotions.



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