1- The good old

This is the first post of a series of pictures from a trip to China in June 2013.

Yesterday night I was up late working on different projects. Summing up things from the last year, preparing for the new to come. As soon as I woke up today I could feel a tickling sensation. Something starting from deep within my stomach and echoing out into the rest of my body: happiness. It seems like the weeks of nervousness and unwillingness to leave is over and now, now it’s time! I am looking forward to the trip again!

To celebrate this I think it is time to show you some good ol’ pics. Please hang on.

After one year in Chinaland I moved back to Sweden again and started university. It was a tough first year and I was constantly thinking about returning to China. So when the summer came I packed my bags and went. The first two weeks I was travelling with some Swedish friends, and afterwards I went north and returned to my previous home: Wuhan.

The trip became a wonderful vacation, reunion with some old friends but also a travel-detox. When I returned to Sweden life went back to normal but now with a new  peace.

We started out from Linköping a beautiful morning. It was 5 am and the air was crystal clear. The team consisted of two dads, to daughters and one Susanna. As we were three generations traveling together we were often mistaken for being a family.

DSC_1589At Helsinki airport: Father and daughter reading stories waiting at the gate.

DSC_1690We arrived to Kunming in the evening and received a very warm welcome. Kunming is located in the south-west of China. It is a mountain filled province famous for the good weather and unique nature. As we were hungry after the trip we soon went to eat at our friends favorite place.

DSC_1695Every part of China have their own cuisine. In Kunming we ate a lot of fresh veggies, deep-fried kidney beans and a big fried potato cake almost similar to the Swiss delicacy Rösti. The taste was good and it was not spicy.

DSC_1969Me and a new friend.

To be continued.

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